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Four Ways Kenyans Easily Lose Their Phones

If you've ever lost your phone then it must be through one of this way. I hope after reading this you'll be more careful with your phone. Here are five ways Kenyans easily lose their phones.

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1. Slipping out of Pocket While in a Cab or Matatu

If you have shallow pockets then I'll suggest you never put your phone in your pocket when seated in a Matatu or a cab. It can easily slip into the chair where there are high chances of not noticing.

2. Forgetting in Restaurant/Hotel tables

This is one of the most common ways people lose their phones. After meals in restaurants or after drinking in a bar, they forget to pick up their phones as they leave. Lucky if one of the waitress or waiters find it first, but how sure are that they will hand it over?

3. Misplacing and Forgetting Completely

This mostly happens when packing up things or running errands. Most will completely forget where they'd placed their phones until they dearly need to use it. And that's when they'll find out they'd lost their phones

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4. Using phones in cars or matatus in traffic with windows open

Obviously, there are always rogue pedestrians looking to pounce on any loosely placed item. The speed at which muggers grab phones through Matatu and car windows, I believe even lighting could surrender.

Take good care of your possessions. Thank you for readings.

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