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One Big Mistake You Should Never Make When Putting Your Phone in Your Pocket

As usual and out of experience, I usually bring you some insights to keep you and your property safe.l and secure. Today I'll tell you one big mistake most of us do when putting phones in our pockets, and how it could cost you alot.

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This big mistake is, putting you phone in the same pocket with money. Sounds simple but it is a very important mistake that every one should be reminded of.

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The probability of lossing your money when you put it together with your phone in the same pocket is very high. This is brought about by the fact that you'll have to pull out your phone severally from your pocket to check on new messages, to pick calls or just to browse through social media. When you pull your phone off your pocket, there is possibility that it will come out with money from the same pocket and because you'll be more concentrated on the phone than the money at that time, you'll only realize later that you've lost your money.

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This is also a common mistake in matatus. Where passengers put their phones together with money in the same pocket then when pulling out the phone, money falls on the seat. Unfortunately, for these kind of losses, you'll only realise when you want to purchase something then you find out you don't have the money. That's when you'll begin searching and trying to figure out where you lost your money.

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Writing this, I'm very sure many of us have lost money and even ID cards and other important documents in this manner. So, please let's be careful, and most importantly, never put your phone in the same pocket with your money or any other important documents. Please share this widely to sensitise friends on this mistake.

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