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Effects of using Mobile Phone for long hours

It is reported that people who talk on the phones for several hours day are 50% likely to develop brain cancer. Apart from cancer risk, mobile phones influence our nervous system. The main course shortness of temper, headaches,decreased attention, sleep disorders and depression

How many hours should you use your phone in 24 hours?

It is recommended for you to take at least one hour break for each 1 hour use. You must take one hour break so as it is fair 1 to 1 ratio of used and non-use too much exposure Especially in the evening will disrupt your sleeping patterns due to it blocking the production of melatonin in your brain.

So it is advised to use the blue light filter which is now built in most smartphones located in the display settings and have it turned on automatically in the evenings.

It is also highly suggested that you should not use your mobile phones in the last 2 to hours before sleep you. This is because your brain will not rest properly and you will sleep with a lot of information which will also disrespect your sleep but sleep equals to low energy or low brain function the next day.

It is recommended the less you use your phone the more it will become beneficial for an individual. Usage of your mobile phone consumes your great amount of time you cannot recognise.

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