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How to access the dark web

The dark web is a deep state web hidden, which can only be accessed by special Apps. Its simple to access the dark web but you will need high end protection for your safety there.

The most common way is using Tor browser. Dark web pages has the extension .onion and may appear like any other website but something's change for example ads on the dark web may be of a guy selling a gun.The dark web is full of illegal activities like drugs ,Guns and even selling of human being.Governments also use dark web to carry out their secret operations in the internet. For your safety in the website you need to use a virtual private network (Vpn) in order to browse safely.The most recommend vpn is Express vpn its available in the playstore or you even get at there website. Remember dark web is full of hackers and computer wizards thus be careful with what you download as you might install a virus or even malware and take care of whom you deal with.

N/B Please this is for educational purpose only

Access dark web at your own risk

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