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Are You A Smartphone User? Avoid Doing The Following 3 Things

Even young children posses smartphones nowadays. Smartphone is one of the most abused gadgets in this world than anything else. People use it the way it is not suppose to be used. This makes us to risk our lives without knowing. As a smartphone user you should be aware of the things you are allowed to do and the things you are not allowed to do with your phone. Stop using it for the wrong purpose because you are putting your life in danger. The following are some of the things that you should avoid doing with your smartphone at all cost.

1.Avoid downloading app from unknown sites.

Do you want your phone to be hacked? I know no one wants his/her phone to be hacked. As a smartphone user you should be very careful and avoid downloading apps from unknown sources. You can put your life in danger since some of those apps are always spyware. Your enemy can use them to track everything that you are doing in your phone. You should therefore be very careful.

2.Avoid using cheap adapters to charge your phone.

This is where almost all smartphone users always go wrong. Always charge your phone with it's original charger. If it damages or get lost, look for another good charger since using fake chargers can put your phone at risk. People just assume these things and charge there smartphones with anything they find on their way. You should avoid this at all cost.

3.Avoid using earphones while charging your phone.

This won't cause any harm to your phone but it will put your life at risk. So if your love your life so much then you should protect it. Plugging earphones and listening to music while charging your smartphone can lead to electrocution. Many deaths have been reported because of smartphone electrocution. You need to be very careful and educate your younger ones on the same.

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