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Three things you Should Consider Doing for Your Business Before 2022 General Elections

2022 politics is fast taking shape and eventual elections could most probably not be any different from Kenya's previous general elections. Considering the history of our general elections and the uncertainties caused after every single general election, here are some things you should consider doing for or to your business before August 2022.

1. Create a working Online Platform (s)

Putting in to consideration how long Kenya takes to settle after every general election, it would be advisable for business owners to consider having a stable online platform before elections. This would ensure business continues even when physical shops remain closed during the period between elections and solving election disputes. If you don't have enough money to create a website then you can simply open social media accounts and market there.

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2. Introduce a Convenient Delivery System

Serving your business online means you'd also need a working delivery system that would ensure products are delivered to customers in time. It is therefore advisable that business owners should consider investing in convenient delivery systems before election period. Investing on a delivery service system could also be an add on to revenue in that many customers would pay for delivery costs, not unless it is put as a promotion.

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3. Insure Your Business

Considering the kinds of damages and lootings that Kenya has witnessed in the past elections, Insuring your business could save you alot. This could be an expensive move, but if you can afford it as early as now, please consider taking it to account. Business insurance would not only help you if elections go wrong but also in the future when you'll find yourself in the midst of unavoidable circumstances.

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The three factors are based on what Kenya has gone through over the past general elections. Our election end games are usually very uncertain. There could be rigging allegations, there could be court ruling and also the long period of tension that follows after announcement of results. Let's take those three steps so we don't lose business during that period.

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