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Amount You Need To Start A Mobile Phone Retail Shop

Currently you can open a small shop and start selling phones and related items like earphones, phone batteries, screen Protectors, chargers among many other related items that you may decide you want to sell in your shop.

You can make a good amount of money if you open a phone sale retail shop since many people are buying smart phones at a higher rate and therefore you can not lack customers provided that you sell original phones be it button or smart phones.

To start such a small phones retail shop you need roughly 500,000 shillings this is because smart phones are expensive and you can not start a shop by selling two phones you need to have a large stock of phones.

Choose a room which is at a good position or strategically located within the town since this will introduce your business to many people who are looking for a place where they can buy the phone. Onse somebody is in need of buying something she will go for the first Shop she sees around her and that is why you need to open you business in an open place.

Ensure you pay for business permit so that your shop is not closed by the city council for not satisfying all the requirements needed for someone to carry on with a business activity.

To get the best smart phones that many people will prefer you should link with the phone companies agents in Kenya since they will sell to you at a discount. This will enable you make a good profit on the total sells you make every day.

With this business you can earn a profit of roughly 300 to 1,000 shillings on selling one phone depending with the type of the phone you are selling to your customer.

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