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Annoying Texting Habits That You Should Avoid

Make sure to avoid these annoying texting habits to keep the conversation flowing.

You use too many emojis

It’s perfectly fine to use the occasional emoji to add a little excitement to your messages, but don’t go overboard. If your text is followed by a string of different emojis or you use emojis to replace words in your messages it can get pretty annoying. Stick to the occasional smiley face or heart. 

You take days to return a text

We’ve all opened a text message been busy and forgotten to respond, but we’ve also been the one waiting for a reply for days and know how annoying it can be. If you’re in a spin class or meeting and know that you can’t respond right away, don’t open the text message. Wait until you have time to respond so that you don’t forget to reply.

You consistently write novels

Texts shouldn’t be super long, you’re not writing a novel. Keep it short and sweet and if you have a lot to say, ask the person you’re texting if they want to chat on the phone. 

You correct someone's grammar

People don’t put the same effort into texting as they do into writing their senior thesis, so don’t correct their grammar. Phone screens are tiny and our fingers are big so people are bound to make mistakes when texting. And, people rarely proofread what they write since texting is done so quickly. 

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