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KPLC Made It Easier For Everyone, See This 3 Simple Procedure To Acquire Electricity At Your Homes

Light up your home is the most beneficial move one has to make considering this world of digitallisation. Kids needs light for their studies one of the most important reason why everyone should get the|courtesy.

Kenya power and lighting company has introduced a three simple procedure for everyone to acquire electricity:applications, quotation and construction and metering.

1. Application

KPLC has introduce an online platform where one can do the application by themselves. This introduced to reduce the office long queues and also reduced the risk of Covid-19 from spreading. after application a referance number will be provide to you.

     2. Quotation

The quotation send to you will be based on the of your inquiries. Here are the timeline for various application types. For requiring a meter only is within seven days, requiring a low voltage extension is within 15 days, requiring a low voltage extension (single phase upto 8 kVa) is within 28 days, requiring a medium voltage extension and/or transformer is within 28 days, requiring a connection of high voltage is within the period agreed with the customer.

Quotation is only valid for 90 days within which payment is made. Payment is made via:

Electronic funds transfer (RTGS) to KPLC Bank Account No. 0104074121608.

Mobile money (Pay bill number 888899, Account No: application reference No.).

Cheques should be taken to KPLC office (Quote your application reference number and contact number overleaf of the cheque).

Solid cash payment should be done at KPLC Payment office.

   3. Construction and metering

All the necessary data will be collected for the laying of the electricity line and followed by construction and metering will be done withing the required time.

. Requiring a meter only is within 3days.

. Requiring Low voltage extension(single phase upto 8kVa) is within 14days

. Requiring a low voltage extension (3 phase above 8kVa) is within 14days.

. Requiring connection at a high voltage is within the time agreed by the customer.

All applicants should attach the following documents when they submit their inquiries for supply form.

National ID or passport for non Kenyans.

Copy of pin certificate.

Route map for your area.

Copy of the Tittle deed and land search documents.

Dully filled supply contract form.

Writing certificate.

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