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Start Earning on YouTube and Facebook Live Now

The modern business arena is shifting to purely online business. Advancement in technology has led to more interactive forums such as Facebook, YouTube and Tiktok. These platforms reach a wide audience of prospective customers for any organization.

The use of internet should not be an expensive exercise but it should give you an extra coin. Facebook provides hosting of adverts for videos posted on your page. You must have 2000 followers and 300 video audience for you to get to host adverts in between your videos. Facebook love pays approximately $7.19 per 1000 views. This translates to Ksh 719 per 1000 views. The videos can be as short as less than a minute or longer. Since the emergence of covid-19 in Kenya many artists have resorted to promoting their talent by posting videos on their Facebook pages.

YouTube is another platform that has changed television and entertainment in the world. The revenue generated in this platform is mind boggling and it relies on adverts hosted in your channel. Creating your channel is as simple as visiting the website Click on sign in to create your channel then change your settings for the channel to customise it. You must have a Google account for the creation to be completed.

Local stars are making big bucks on this platform. Elsa Majimbo,now a world reknown artist, got her break on YouTube. Others include Maxine Wabosha,a university student, Flaqo among many others. The YouTube channel will start hosting adverts once you hot 1000 views. There are many things that you can share on YouTube such gardening skills, preaching, motivational talks and educational content.

Tiktok is another platform that pays for hosting videos. One Azziad Nasenya got her break through this platform. Tiktok pays $100 for every 10000 subscribers. You can start earning paid views at 1500 subscribers.

The lockdown period is good for you to start you online business from the comfort of your home with only your phone. Forget the naysayers and start now.

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