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Fabric That Can Understand The Weather Or Your Emotions

Over the last few years Google labs have been designing a smart fabric that enables an individual to play or pause music on their phone. The inventor Irmandy Wicaksono aims at doing much more than just playing music. The inventor wants to program the fabric or clothes to respond to certain stimuli or make it smart enough to differentiate between hot and cold. Wicaksono firmly believes that clothes can be interactive enough to respond to an individual’s actions. By integrating tech with fabric the end results can lead to the creation of clothes capable of responding to physical stimuli such as pressure, touch or environmental conditions. Although some of the concepts are theoretical, Wicaksono has succeeded in using strips of clothes as a music keyboard. He has also introduced bag backs that can change color when exposed to UV light. The possibilities of smart fabric is truly endless as the concept has the potential of changing the world.

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