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7 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Smartphone

Plugging it in carelessly

It’s a very bad idea jamming the USB plug into it carelessly and with force because it actually cuts the lifespan of your charger short. Electrical contacts are way more delicate than we perceive them to be.

Holding your phone in your hand on the street

There have been many reports of stolen iPhones that were stolen while their owner were holding them out on the street while talking on it via speakerphone. You are advised to be very cautious and consider using a headset to talk when you’re on a crowded street.

Improper cleaning of your phone's cavities

Of course no one wants their phones to have dusty insides, because it slows down performance and makes the phone overheat. But you're recommended to use professional help or conventional ways to clean out your phone like blow cleaner because putting pretty much anything in it will ruin the slots and delicate parts of your phone.

Putting your phone in the back pocket

There have been cases where phones bending in back of the pocket of their owners, and this can happen to any slim smartphone. Moreover, keeping your phone in your back pocket elevates the possibility of it being stolen and damaged while you are visiting the market or simply sitting down.

Failing to clean the inside of your phone

It’s very important to clean your phone on the inside since tons of dust and small pieces of garbage and dirt from your pockets and bags can get into your phone and interrupt the inner workings of the device. If you find it hard to deal with technology, ask a professional for help.

Updating the software and firmware

The hardware serves as the “body” of your phone, and the software that serves as its brain and soul. When you download software from unreliable sources, it can make the phone malfunction, shut down, or can result in all of your personal information to be transferred to an unknown person.

Putting it in a bag without a cover

The cover does not just serve as a fashion statement, it really helps protect your phone from being stuffed with dirt and particles that accumulate at the bottom of your bag. All of this, mixed with the insides of your phone, will make the device overheat and can cause it to malfunction.

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