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3 Social Media Apps That Are Not Functioning. Don't Panic, Everyone Has The Same Problem

The day has not been good for most social media users. Three of the most used social media apps have been having problems functioning and this has caused a lot of havoc among many people. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are the apps that have been affected.

Many people were restarting their phones thinking it had something to do with their phones but that was not solved. The app managers have not yet found out what the problem is but they are working to restore the normal functioning of the platforms.

One platform has however not been affected, Twitter. The users of this app have made fun of those who hate it. Various funny photos have been circulating on the platform ridiculing the other users. Those who have never used the platform were forced to turn to it as it is the only one working. Let's hope that the affected platforms will start functioning soon.

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