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How to Detect Hidden Cameras with Your Smartphone

Have reason to be suspicious of a partner or feel that someone is watching you perhaps with a hidden camera.Fortunately apps are available to help you find surveillance cameras with your smartphone.In general two common methods are used to achieve this.

Detecting light reflecting from a lence

This method is used only to find small objects dropped on a carpet.

Detecting electromagnetic fields

You need to have an idea where the camera might be positioned, however if a strong field is detected it is likely there is a camera secreted with the wall of the object.

How to detect a hidden camera using Android camera

Launch your phone's camera app.

Go around the room and point your phone camera in places you suspect.

If you spot any small bright-whitish light set your phone down and investigate further.It may be a hidden camera.

In today's high-tech World, surveillance Camera are everywhere and hidden cameras could be on a separated network,or too observe to recognize easily.There are two ways to scan Cameras with your phone.

First if you have access,you can scan the Wi-Fi network for devices that look like a camera.But this will only find cameras connected to the network.Second search for night vision cameras using your phone camera.Whichever apps you choose, you'll be able to detect cameras and speakers, perhaps even hidden computers.

You could discover the truth if only you had some way of detecting the presence of a hidden camera.

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