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Twitter 'Scores' Against Facebook and WhatsApp as Netizens Hilariously Criticize their Breakdown

Twitter App is the new temporary king in social media platforms after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp shut down unexpectedly. Many of the platforms users were got off guard with some admitting that they were forced to reboot their phones to solve the hitch.It's through the twitter app that majority learnt about the problem. Surprisingly,both Facebook and WhatsApp platforms were forced to channel their communication about the breakdown through twitter hence raising the hilarious reactions from the netizens with others insinuating that the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg may end up buying twitter.Up to the time of writing this,more than two hours have already elapsed since the hitch occurred with the Platforms' management requesting its users to be patient as they work on the issue. Similar problems have been experienced at the past and twitter hasn't been spared either.

The scenario clearly shows how the platforms are interrelated with both requiring each other to enhance the user experience.

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