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Check Out These 5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Smartphones

Smartphones have both benefits and drawbacks. However, in many ways, its disadvantages outnumber its benefits. And, if we aren' t careful, its benefits can cause a slew of health issues. However, in order to avoid these issues, I' ve compiled a list of common smartphone mistakes and how to avoid them.

The following are some of the blunders we make when using our smartphones.

1. Being exposed to blue light for an extended period of time

The blue light from your smartphone' s screen suppresses the hormone that controls the body' s sleep cycle. This blue light can also cause headaches and vision problems. Reduce the amount of blue light on your phone if possible.

2. Making use of it with a weak signal

Using a smartphone with a poor signal can be dangerous to your health. To avoid any health issues, try to use your phone with a strong or high signal.

3. Keeping it in close proximity to your skin

Keeping your smartphone close to you causes your skin to absorb heat from the phone in small amounts, which can harm your skin.

4. Sleeping with it

Smartphones have an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver. And these waves are strong and may affect the brain if being exposed for long hours.

Try to turn off your phone completely or keep it in another room while you' re asleep, or put it in airplane mode.

5. Poor posture when looking at your phone screen

When you bend your neck forward to look at your phone' s screen, you' re putting strain on your cervical spine, which will cause it to gradually deteriorate.

After a few days, the weight on your neck may feel five times as heavy as your actual head weight. As a result, abnormal posture and neck pain may develop. Hold your phone at eye level and keep your neck as straight as possible as a remedy.

These are the blunders we make with our smartphones. And those errors were corrected in the preceding sentence and paragraphs.

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