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Why Smartphone Companies Stopped producing Phones With Removable Battery

Modern technology is making everything look amazing. Have you noticed that with advanced technology every big or large electronic gadget has been made smaller and smaller everyday?

For an example the traditional television used to be very large and heavy and now we have smart televisions that are very light and graphics are more clear.

Likewise, the mobile phone company has not been left behind as they have tried to modify phones.

Some time back, when your phone developed some problems like slow response, hanging and messages not being sent the first thing one would think of is to remove the phones battery.

The removal of battery would resolve all those issues but nowadays it is impossible because the batteries are inbuilt.

Everyone can agree with me that phones moreso smartphones with removable batteries are gradually being replaced with phones with internal batteries in the market.

The advantage of inbuilt battery is that;

1. Internal components of the phone will stay protected from dust and dirt. This is because the battery is fixed tightly with other parts of the phone.

2. Smartphones with non-removable batteries have a very Sleek Design. These internal batteries are generally long and thin which means that they occupy lesser space. This makes it possible for manufacturers to make the phone very sleek and slim.

Slim and light phones are comfortable to carry and use.

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