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5 Brilliant Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

Measure distance

Measuring distance from one point to another is now simple and you will only need a smartphone. Using this app you can accurately measure distance especially when you don't have the required equipment and proceed with your work. All you will need to do is point your camera at the objet to be measured and the measurements will appear

Test your remote functionality

This method not only tests your remote control batteries but it also tests if the remote is actually working if may be you suspect it has some issues. When you point your remote at the phone camera, you will realize a red light blinking on your screen through your phone camera when you press any key on the remote, this is in case it is working or the batteries are okay. Otherwise there will be no red light. 

Control your phone without touching it

Most smartphones have this feature where you can wave on the screen to wake it up or do other things. Nowadays some phones are too advanced that you can change a music, receive a call or play video with just a wave or gesture. Both Android and Android operating system have this feature and it is important when you are handling a lot of tasks.

Keep yourself safe

This is very important to those people who come home late from work and don't feel safe. When dealing with a potential danger, this app will not only send and SOS to your emergency calls but it will also send a video and audio, track you location using GPS, and may be send an alarm to your friends that will ring until you turn it off. 

Drive safely

This app will is very important to those people who drive in the dark and want to keep their eyes on the road constantly. After opening it, place your device on the dashboard and it will project on the windshield, make sure the phone's brightness is adjusted for a better view. You will see the speed at which you are driving and a GPS enabled map on the windshield.

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