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New System Promises to get Rid of Land Grabbers, Brokers

The period of file losses, misappropriated title deeds and the disposal of assets by completely unknown individuals is coming to an end, following the transfer of all land titles to a digital system.

Also to be eliminated are real estate agents and private buyers who own large shares in the world through protocols. With the click of a mouse, or by swiping with a smartphone, the agent can connect all the pieces of the human body with all the other properties that a person can have.

Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled a new plan that promises to bring integrity to land administration in Kenya. The National Land Information Management System (NLIMS) known as ArdhiSasa, which has been in operation since 2018, was launched at the National Geospatial Data Center in Kenya's Survey.

The digital system has been paid for as a solution to land fraud, punitive lines and long waits for people seeking land resources in Nairobi. The release of this program, which is being implemented in Nairobi, marks the end of the city's handicraft transaction.

 It also closes the secret trade door at Ardhi House, leaving legal landowners to be taken over by landowners who steal land. ArdhiSasa provides updated and easily accessible information for world records. From their mobile phones, users will be able to determine the identity of the package and begin the transfer.

President Kenyatta has called the plan a milestone in land administration and the next 60 years of globalization. “Independence alone has not completely solved the Kenyan crisis and all post-independence authorities have had to deal with the challenges of global change.

"Citizens will now be able to conduct sensitive transactions on land, significantly reduce human contact, delays and all other disturbances that Kenyans were required to register on the registration of our land," he said. It will also protect innocent Kenyans from being exploited by car dealers, midwives and fraudsters.

"With the advent of ArdhiSasa, the issue of file loss, endless fraud, corruption and illegal land acquisition will be a thing of the past," Uhuru said. However, he said there was still a long way to go.

“Many Kenyans have gone through the motions of buying land that has been sold to others or that they have acquired title deeds. We have started the process of cleaning up those records,” said Uhuru.

The president, before dismissing public outcry over the new plan, urged the public to embrace a new way of doing things. "I would like to urge the people of Kenya, because I know that many of you will go into the process of assessing the status of your land, seeking the Department and resolving those issues to ensure that your title is valid," he said.

In fact, he said, the new system will cast out demons that attack Ardhi House. "Don't be afraid because it is the only way we can correct all the wrongs that have been done at Ardhi House over the years," Uhuru said.

The program also provides information on investigative agencies that can be used to prosecute corruption cases. With its integration with other programs such as Kapa Namba, the regional government revenue scheme, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and investigative agencies, investing in illegally acquired assets will be difficult.

Liaison with regional government programs will also affect the amount of money that districts collect from world prices. It also has the power to disclose any gaps that could be used to extract the total amount of land rates.

"In addition, it will assist in the administration of justice and provide investigative bodies such as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), DCI and DPP with accurate and easy-to-understand information on preventing fraud in the global sector," Uhuru said.

Land Cabinet Secretary Faridah Karoney said the system used to conduct land transactions had been scrapped. "For decades, the land sector has been plagued by corruption, fraud and illicit trade, making land acquisition a very difficult task," Karoney said.

He said the program had been running for 26 years, since 1995, but had not been successful. He said it would provide one store to buy land details. "This forum will change the way Kenyans deal with land and property, and is expected to improve the ongoing national patent system and, therefore, secure land and property rights," Karoney said.

The platform will be rolled out in 20 districts by the end of the year and in all districts by the end of 2022. "Half of the people who come to the offices of the Department of Land Affairs just want to be certified or to start the process of transferring or selling their property," said Lands PS Nicholas Muraguri.

Land registration in Nairobi is expected to have very few people in their queues as services such as search will now be available online only. Other online services include ownership transfer, licensing, valuation applications, payment and issuance of a land lease clearance certificate.

Payment of stamp duty, registration fees, admission fees, application and withdrawal of warnings / caves / restrictions, land registration and searches (Nairobi and Central Registries) are also online. Some of the challenges that the department hopes to overcome include the permanent removal of missing files, excuses used to frustrate landowners.

The department says the system is the only source of truth in all world affairs. In addition, Karoney said yesterday, the double registration of international parcels and the dispersal of parcels would be a thing of the past.

In Nairobi, Ardhi House has 240,000 earth digits. ArdhiSasa will also help the government identify public land grabbing and land grabbing.

"Public land has now been separated from private land and all public land in Nairobi has been identified, registered and stored for public use," Karoney said.

Far from solving the fraud, Uhuru said the complete release of the system would help resolve the world's historic disputes and ensure the security of titles. The team also developed Kenya's first geographical map, cadaster and Nairobi City Council.

"The construction of the cadaster also allows the Department of Land Affairs to begin the process of migration to an integrated state land registry to prevent fraud and reduce transaction time," the president said.

Ardhi House also amended the titles issued under the now-defunct laws and that the new ones comply with the new law passed in 2012.

The enactment of the Land Registration Act repealed all other land registration laws such as the Indian Transfer of Property Act 1882, Government Lands Act (Cap. 280), Registration of Titles Act (Cap. 281), and Land Titles Act (Cap. 281). . 282) and the Registered Land Act (p. 300).

 Uhuru said there was still work to be done to address land reform. “It will be distributed nationally in a gradual manner as they take feedback from users of the new system in Nairobi.

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