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New Technology That Will Be A Game Changer In The Delivery Of Services And Goods

Technological innovations is taking place in a sector. Latest technology has made military an easier job. Soldiers are now able to reduce causalities as they can easily use technology to locate their enemies using hidden cameras and drones. In health sector, technology is taking over. Robots that can perform an operation have been invented. During this covid 19 pandemic, countries like China, Japan were seen using robots in enforcing covid 19 control regulations.

Chinese have Invented a robot that can deliver goods to where they are needed. During the covid 19 pandemic, robots were preferred because there is less person to person contact. "The COVID-19 pandemic has been a big boost" for robot rollout plans, said Xia Huaxia, chief scientist at Meituan.

Robots are going to be used to deliver products like packages rather than food related products. These robots have a disadvantages in that they efficiency is low in terms of carrying capacity in areas where people orders a lot of food and parcels.

"I hope robots can be used widely soon because it will make our life more convenient ... it will also reduce face-to-face contact during the pandemic so we can be safer," said 28-year-old Pan Hongju, a programmer in Beijing.

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