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How Bulbs Are Used To Clear Bank And Mpesa Account

There are positive and negative sides of technology. Although it has helped solve many problems it has also created others. It is sad to see things that should be used positively are used to commit crimes.

Did you know that a simple bulb you bought innocently can be used against you? Here's how.

Certain bulbs nowadays are fixed with hidden cameras. This cameras are able to spy on your activities in the office, home or any other. When doing your own private things, you risk some information.

The camera fixed in the bulb is able to record and even send the information to unknown person who can use the information to clear your bank and Mpesa.


When buying a bulb ensure that you get it from a trusted company or store. Read all the features on the description to be sure you are buying the correct type.

Avoid purchasing things from unknown dealers.

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