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6 Amazing Highly Advanced Mini Drones You Can Buy

The drones industry has developed various drone models which if you want to purchase a drone, you can get the one you want. From the highly powerful military drones to delivery drones and mini photography drones, all these are pieces of drone technology that can be very helpful to humans. Below are amazing unique drone designs you can buy,

6. Mini Drones

These are the size of your hand and are mostly used for photography, spying and surveillance. Most of them have very powerful camouflage properties hence very difficult to detect. They are also very silent. Some are made to look like animals like bees, birds and others.

5. Animal drones.

These are drones made to look exactly like animals. The difference with mini drones is that they are bigger and more powerful. You can order one that looks like an Ostrich or hen or any other animal.

4. Subaquatic drones

These are underwater drones used for underwater filming and exploration. They use powerful propellers and engines and they have powerful cameras too with lighting systems. Some can dive to greater depths where humans can' t reach. The interesting thing is that they are highly maneuverable.

3. Fixed wing drones

Like the big military surveillance drones which have fixed wings and powerful digital control systems, there are Smaller versions of them for civilian use. They are controlled remotely just like the military drones and they are very effective. They have powerful cameras and electronic system. Most of them are used for Surveillance and goods delivery.

2. Terracopters

These are small high tech drones with wheels which are used to access inaccessible areas to humans. They can fly and travel on wheels.

1. Customized drones

These are next generation drones which are used for carrying people. A person or 2 can ride and control them. They can be controlled remotely or controlled by the rider. They are mostly used for exploration and tourism.

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