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Why I will Never Buy A Second Hand Phone In The Streets Of Nairobi

Uhuru Gardens was one of the coolest places where I used to spend my afternoon after heavy work at a construction site. I had made it a routine for the seven months I was in the city. One afternoon, while taking a nap, I was awakened by two guys of my age. One of the squatted as he stretched to shake my hand. Since I was still sleepy, I rubbed my eyes to see who they were. Unfortunately, I could not recognize either of them.

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"I see you are resting," he said throwing a fugitive smile at me. Before I could answer, he dipped into his spoken and fished out a phone.

"This one here am giving it at a throwaway price," he said in Swahili.

Since I had no intentions of buying, I turned down his offer and returned to lie in a prone position.

"What do you have? This phone is expensive and you can not afford to miss it" he joked. Gradually I found myself getting interested in the business. He also allowed me to check it.

" How much?" I returned.

"Bring whatever you have" he answered.

After a brief negotiation, we agreed that I give him my phone and add two thousand shillings which were my two days' wages.

I went home an excited man. The phone was expensive from the inquiries I made.

Two days later, while at the same place, I spotted two policemen from afar. They seemed unbothered by any other person except me. I remained still until they got closer.

"Hello, sir" One of them spoke in good English.

"Can we see your phone please" he added. I handed him. After a thorough examination, he requested that I can accompany them to the police station. At first, I decline but later on agreed as my instinct told me not to be rebellious.

Upon arrival, it dawned on me the phone was stolen from an elderly woman in Dagoreti. I had to explain the circumstances under which I owned it but none of the officers would listen.

It took me three months to pay thirty thousand shillings fine for having stolen property

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