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Machine Cuts Or Bricks, Which One Is Good In Construction Works?

When constructing a house,one must decide the kind of stones he/she needs for the walling. Two words, durability and cost takes the center stage in the decision for their time in my opinion it walling stones to be used.

There are variety of walling stones to be used but in this article,only bricks and machine cuts shall be discussed.

1. Bricks

This is the oldest walling stone that is still under use. It is made by grinding and crushing clay and moulding it to desired shape before being heated in the kiln.

Bricks have a variety of benefits when used in walling;

(a). They are durable

Bricks can withstand very high temperatures and weathering thus their durability.

(b). Energy efficient

Bricks are made of clay which have thermal insulating qualities thus moderating the temperature of the building.

However brick usage have also various disadvantages;

a. Due to their small size,many of them are required in the construction process thus making them to be expensive.

b. Bricks are easily destroyed when exposed to water due to the high absorption rate of clay soil.

2. Machine Cuts

These are mined and shaped by machines into required sizes. Most machine cuts come from Ndarugu in Thika.

They have the following benefits;

a. They save labour cost because they are large in size hence the labourers can cover large area within a short period of time.

b. Cost of plastering is greatly reduced since the joints to be filled between them is small due to their regular shape.

They have the following disadvantages;

a. Due to transportation charges,they might be expensive.

b. They easily break when exposed to water.

Bricks are more durable. Machine cuts are labour saving and cost effective. Interms of the strength of the house,bricks are better than machine cuts. Interms of costs,machine cuts are the best option. Durability or cost?

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