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What Causes A Buzzing Sound In Woofers And How To Solve It

 Have you ever heard a buzzing sound coming from your woofer? Of late there are many people in Kenya who owns woofers have experienced that problem but they don’t know where it comes from. This is because they had bought their woofers when they were in good condition, but later on they don’t know what happened.

The cause of this problem is on the motherboard, just take your time and carefully open the back panel of your woofer. If you feel that you can’t do simple electronic wireless, then you can take your woofer to your nearest town center where you can find an electronic technician, this is because you might even cause a greater damage if you are not sure of what you are doing. 

In case you are sure of yourself, just open the back panel while your woofer is off the electricity, this will take a while. You should look for a flat surface like table when working on your woofer, so that your woofer won’t fall down due to instability. Keenly look at the big capacitors that are on your motherboard.

Capacitors are larger and cylindrical in nature, so they won’t take much of your time to find them, other places where you can find them are near the transformer. The reason why you should look at the capacitors is because that is where the buzzing sound always comes from. A woofer works by depending on its components such as capacitors to transfer sounds, power and signal to the main speakers.

If you notice that any of the capacitor has a bulge on top of the surface that is where the problem is, just take your time to remove the bad capacitors by using soldering machine, in case you don’t have one, just go to places like town center and you will buy one there. This is because electrical equipment cannot miss in towns. After that, replace the bad capacitor with the new one.

After carefully following all the process that we have discussed now, you can comfortably repair the buzzing sound at your home because the procedure is not technical.

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