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12 Weird Sleepover Rules

The new generation of young men and women have really changed the sleepover game and rules out here. I just had a chat with one of them and I was shocked to here the rules that have been introduced, some of which made my day because they were funny and hilarious. I could not laugh alone. That's why am going to share them with you. Here they are:

1. When you come for sleepover, the eggs on the tray are for display, leave them alone.

2. Don't leave your clothes at my place, leave the way you came.

3. Don't peep under the bed, do what you came to do only.

4. Don't take me to mama "Mboga" my aunt has a salon opposite my gate

5. Mind the noise when you pee, I almost came out with basins and buckets thinking there was a leaking pipe of water.

6. Don't be friendly to my neighbors, they might tell you my secrets

7. When you arrive, enter with your shoes inside, you ain't the only goal keeper.

8. Continue inviting men or women at your place for sleepover, one day they will die at your place. I wonder what you will tell the police.

9. All women wear you find in my house belongs to my cousin. So don't ask me questions about them.

10. Sleepover never!. I better get my dosage from bae and board a taxi back home.

11. Take a shower at your place before you come. Once you arrive we do what brought us together before anything else.

12. No need for sleep overs. Go to a neutral ground. No need for panics due to evidence.

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