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Opinion: Methods fraudsters are using to steal from people on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications in Kenya. This is because it makes communication easy and cheap. Some fraudsters have decided to take advantage of this in order to dupe kenyans. Since they know that some kenyans are gullible and easy to confuse, they tend to make some offers that most kenyans will easily accept. Below are some of the tricks they use.

1. CRB clearance.

Most of these fraudsters always know that there are a lot of kenyans who are listed in the CRB and are eager to clear their names. They therefore offer fake services of CRB clearance to most people hoping that someone will fall into the trap and give them some money. The only way to clear your name from CRB is by paying off your defaulted loan.

2. Use of malicious apps.

Fraudsters have become very creative whereby they clone viruses as apps. It is always advisable not download any applications from Whatsapp unless you know the sender. This is because some fraudsters have the tendency of sending viruses in the name of apps. The moment you decide to download and install the apps, they override your phone and send messages to your contacts demanding for money with the claim that you are in distress.

3. Use of malicious links.

A link that might seem so harmless to you might actually pose a big risk to your security. This is because fraudsters use links to steal your personal information and even track you. If you receive a link from someone you do not know or trust, it is always good to avoid it. A good example of a link you should avoid is one that belongs to your social media profile. If someone wants to trace you, they will mostly use your social media links to get to you. This is because they know that there are high chances you will click on the link. They will therefore send you a link to your social media account with the hope that you will click it. For you it may not seem as a threat but they will automatically obtain your IP address which they can use to get your location without any struggles.

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