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Why WhatsApp Could Stop Working On Your Old Smartphone

WhatsApp is the most popular app that is being used by several people in the country to communicate and also share pictures. However, most people will face a big blow as WhatsApp is expected to be upgraded to the next version and this will affect those who have old smartphones. In 2020 changes that were done by WhatsApp company mainly affected devices using Android 2.3.7and IPhone’s Os8. Most of the Kenyans were left stranded due to these changes and they had to purchase other phones that accommodate the WhatsApp version to be able to communicate with other people.

 Users can check if their phones if will be affected by this by checking their operating system in their smartphones and if they discover that they are using Android 10, they will not be affected by these changes. Those who are using old phones will lose their WhatsApp and they will have to buy modern smartphones.

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