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10 Smartphone Gadgets That Are Meant To Improve Our Lives


The old school is now less important because we are going digital, utilize your smartphone with this gadget that will help you check temperature of almost anything.

Gear Case

The cosplay is actually a serious business for many people, this is a Japanese iPhone case that will definitely turn you into a character from a famous video game.

Game controller

This gadget was actually meant for gamers, it is a game controller that helps you battle all the enemies on your smartphone’s screen.  

Digital highlighter

The devise was invented to act as a highlighter, but it’s even better because it helps store the parts of the text you need to highlight in digital format, it considered a so much for convectional highlighters. 

Alcohol checker

Not only the policemen that will find this gadget more useful but also people who like to drink occasionally and stay healthy, this alcohol level checker is the best thing you need.

Skin moisture checker

It has never been easy to check the skin’s moisture, but when you plug this device into your smartphone and touch your skin you will be able to find the results.

Smartphone with keyboard projector

This keyboard projectors are a new hit in the smartphone gadget industry, some of the manufacturers have also introduced phones with this spectacular inbuilt technology. 

Card reader and flash stick

This gadget acts as a one, it is the perfect combination for the many things you can do with your phone.

Portable charger

With this gadget now, you do not need to take all the charger cables with you, this portable charger will do the job with no hassle.

Tool case

This was invented for those who likes multitasking, this smartphone case will become your favorite gadget, and it will always come in handy when you need to cut or open something.

Content created and supplied by: NastieEddie (via Opera News )

Gear Case Japanese


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