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One Easy Way To Stop Safaricom From Using Your Airtime When Bundles Are Over

A lot of meaningful changes have been witnessed since the coming of the new technology that has enabled people to get access to information of diverse nature and interests to them.

In Kenya, there is a good number of Safaricom users who use it's bundles to carry out tasks on social media platform such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The disappointing moment comes when a person's airtime gets used without his prior consent immediately their bundles are depleted. This brings in a negative experience which can sometimes be avoided if one has knowledge of what to do to avoid it.

There is a tool that helps someone safeguard airtime from any online activity within a very short period of time and without any worries.

To make this possible, go to your phone then dial *544# then select more. After that, click the balance and tips option which will take you to the my data manager.

Once there, you will see options such as activate, deactivate, check my status among other options. Select the activate and finish the process of securing your airtime.

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