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Full Meaning Of USB Cable

The plug-and-play USB interface, which is pronounced "yoo-es-bee," enables a computer to communicate with peripherals and other devices. There is a wide assortment of USB-connected gadgets, including flash drives, music players, keyboards, and mice. Visit our section on USB devices for further details on these gadgets.

Some devices may also get electricity from USB, such as powering and charging batteries for tablets and smartphones. In January 1996, the Universal Serial Bus (version 1.0) saw its first public release. After that, businesses like Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, and others swiftly embraced this industry standard.

IEEE 1394 (FireWire) technology, which was created as a high-bandwidth serial bus for effectively interconnecting peripherals like disk drives, audio interfaces, and video equipment, was first seen as a complement to USB. In its original form, USB employed less complex circuitry and functioned at a far lower data rate. Small accessories like keyboards and pointing devices might be used with it.


Universal Serial Bus (USB)

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