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How to create a website

With the vast growing technology that has been the forefront of promoting adverts in the net, websites remain a crucial tool in marketing thereby making web development a rich source of income.

In this article, am going to take you through the process of creating a website in simple steps.

First, you need to be conversant with a web scripting language. For a non-dynamic websites, I recommend learning html (hypertext makeup language) and css (cascading style sheets) for they are easier to learn and use. However for a dynamic website, learning php is crucial for it will enable you to hold database for your website.

The web scripting languages above can be learnt online through websites such as w3schools and codecademy. The learning time depends on your commitment, thus the duration for your course completion will entirely depend on you.

When you are now versatile to a web scripting language, you will need access to a laptop or a desktop computer with an installed editor, such as notepad or sublime text and a web browser. The purpose of a web browser is to translate your codes. You can always install a text editor if at all your computer has non.

After full development of your website, you can host it using web hosting platforms e.g. bluehost, Truehost e.t.c This will cost you some few cash since the hosting platforms always charge some fees depending on the domain you wish to host.

If you wish to monetize your website you will need to create an adsense account and link it to your website. That's how easily you'll start being a web developer.

Content created and supplied by: Billyinno8 (via Opera News )


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