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Hidden Meaning Of The Bluetooth Symbol That Is Surprising

It has been two decades since Bluetooth was discovered. However, many users are still unaware of the interesting history of invention and the significance of its logo. Many people are unaware that any symbol we come across in our everyday lives typically has a secret meaning. So, in this article, we will look at the hidden meaning of the Bluetooth technology logo that has surprised many users. Photo: Courtesy

The explanation from the engineers behind the invention of Bluetooth is what we all find hilarious. They revealed that name was derived from a Viking king who had a bad tooth. The name was chosen to distinguish it from other wireless gadgets on the market at the time of its discovery in the 1990s.

The developers related the Bluetooth feature of linking other devices to the king of Denmark's major achievement. This has been the most important part of its naming. The key role of Bluetooth technology which is connection was linked to a Viking-era king who is famous for uniting Norway and Denmark. This device's sole purpose was to connect a PC to other cellular devices after its invention.

As a result of its purpose, the symbol for this wireless technology was a combination of the Nordic runes for H and B, which refers to Denmark's King Harald Bluetooth.

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