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Is Toothpaste Solid Or Liquid? See Funny Replies

Twitter has been among the popular applications in the social media category. Most people express their ideas and also many go there for enjoyment purposes. When going through twitter handles you will find many things among many that will obviously catch your eye and you cannot afford to skip them.

Today as I was going through the app I found this tweet that I could not afford to skip. Looking at the tweet itself seemed interesting and clicking it really made it more interesting than I expected. Being a person who likes memes I really had to share it with you.

In the tweet it said that "Toothpaste hukua solid ama liquid? " meaning is toothpaste liquid or solid.

The tweet was replied with savage replies as I took the screenshots of them below . Feel free to go through them.

This thing was like trending for sometime. You can also comment what your answer would be. You can also follow this page.

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