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5 phones with serious overheating issues.

We have come a long way when it comes to phones. They have really evolved and s lot of companies have emerged too. The urge to compete might cause risks that can harm the devices. Sometimes,even the rush to sell the phones ends up being a threat to the user.

Imagine spending a high amount of money to acquire the best smartphone but instead,it overheats in your hands. Some tend to overheat and later explode. In order to avoid such tragedies, I'm going to list the 5 phones with overheating problems.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 5G

According to master Lu which is a popular benchmark app for smartphones,the phone has an average temperature of 32.91°C. this are very high temperatures for a phone. The shocking thing is that it has a 3 dimensional cooling system but still,it doesn't stop to overheat. The cooling system is covered by a large copper foil around it. A thermally conductive gel wrap is also installed around the cooler. However,none of this methods seem to work. We hope the company will improve this phone for it to function properly.

Lenovo legion pro

This device has an average temperature of 31.99°C. It uses a dual liquid cooling system inorder to get the best experience. The company uses a frosted liquid within the cooling system. A 14-point matrix monitors the temperature of the cooler. No matter the technology used,the problem still remains.

OnePlus 8 pro

It has an average temperature of 31.42°C. OnePlus has been upgraded and contains a lot of features. It supports a more powerful sensor,higher display and new camera sensors. These combinations might be the ones causing the phone to overheat. It has cooling pipes without a cooling liquid.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

Its average temperature is 31.39°C . The phone has a 4260mAh battery. According to the company,the battery can give you a full charge within 35 minutes. It has a vapor chamber which contains a liquid cooling, conductive gel and a multilayer graphite. Sadly,it continues to overheat.

Oppo Ace2

Average temperature of 31.30°C . The good thing about it is that it will never overheat in your hands . Unlike the other 4 mentioned above,it only overheats during charging. After that,the issue is no more. The device comes with a board fan, two long bar-shaped heat sinks and a dissipation grille that controls the problem.

In conclusion,the companies should work on optimization and give their customers the best experience.

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