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Know your Xender App

Did you know the Xender app was designed in China? Yes, it was. Xender was designed by three Chinese programmers: Chandware, Narwani, and Tingu in 2011. The idea originated from Peter Jiang in a company called Xender Digital Technology Private Limited. Xender can share data: videos, images, audio files, and more without internet bundle requirements nor a USB cable. Its main strengths include:

  • Sharing data without mobile internet and bundles
  • Incredible high speeds
  • Use of hotspot and WIFI to connect devices
  • Transferring data over a distance, devices do not need to be in contact
  • Ability to transfer data to and from PCs and Mac OS
  • Ability to install in all Android, iOS, Windows phones

These advantages, plus more features being added, have enabled it to gain millions of users worldwide. A more significant percentage of this population resides in Mexico, India, and Brazil; however, this app is used in more than 30 countries. Since its launch in 2012, the app has surpassed its competitor apps within a short time hitting 200 million users only in 3years. By 2019 it had managed 500 million users, and this figure has risen to 700 million users.

Xender’s competitors included: Bluetooth, flash share, Shareit, dukto, and google files, and many others. However, its strong competitors are Google Drive, Anywhere – which is available for mobile app, desktop clients, and as extensions, add-ins, web app and plugin as in WordPress, and lastly, Dropbox transfer.

Users occasionally experience slow transfer speeds when using the app, the reasons for this include:

  • Many Wi-Fi signals in the area interfering with the transfer.
  • Many apps are running in the background in one of the devices involved in the transfer.
  • The small size of RAM in devices transferring.
  • Old Wi-Fi technology in the device hardware

These shortcomings don’t result from it but from the environment in which the user uses the app. Therefore, the app has grown to interest and be of importance to a significant majority. Disadvantages of the app also exist despite its success:

Its transfer speed reduces when the devices transferring data are very close to each other. It also automatically downloads a newer update from a device connected to it without the owner’s consent.

Content created and supplied by: HaronKenyan (via Opera News )

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