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Highest paid YouTubers in Kenya and their Estimated Earnings

YouTube is the trendy platform for creatives in Kenya to showcase their talents and make money out of it without depending on television stations. Vlogers share everything from funny clips, fashion trends, travels and even family moments. Below are some of the highest paid YouTubers in Kenya.

1. Njugush

Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, popularly known as Njugush is kenyan comedian. He currently features in Anda kava in Maisha Magic.

Jugush works with his wife and son and posts weekly videos. His channel has 516k subscribers, 672 videos and over 82M total views. NJUGUSH makes approximately Ksh 121 per 1000 views

2. Henry Desagu

Ithagu Kibicho commonly known as Desagu is YouTube comedian from Mwihoko, Kiambu County.Desagu started making comic videos as a way to show the challenges faced by common ‘Mwananchi' which made his channel grow rapidly. Desagu channel has 594k subscribers, 359 videos and total of over 88M views.

3.Crazy kennar

Kennedy Odhiambo commonly known as crazy kennar is a young Kenyan Comedian using YouTube to have fun and entertain his viewers. Crazy kennar videos mostly shows life and challenges undergone by university student.

Kennar channel has 341k subscribers, 519 total videos and over 70M total viewers.

Kennedy's YouTube channel earns him an average of Kshs. 60,000 per month and coupled with the endorsements with brands earns him more income.

4. Flaqo Raz

Erastus Ayieko Otieno, popularly known as Flaqo Raz or Mama otis is a Kenyan singer, scriptwriter, dancer and comedian. Flaqo Raz is the first comedian in Kenya to play different characters and bring the best out of each. His videos mostly ventures on early life and how African mother's raises children.

His YouTube channel has 420k subscribers 120 videos and over 42M Total views.Thanks for reading this article kindly follow back comment like and share.

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