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How your phone battery drains without knowing

How Not to Drain Battery without Knowing. 

The screen is one of the biggest gobblers of your phone’s juice. To extend your battery life, dim the screen and do not leave it on when not in use. Make sure to first apply the power saving settings in your phone as shown here before proceeding;

How“Push” data is another big battery drainer, which makes new messages and notifications appear in real time. You can switch notification frequency from “Push” to “Manual” in the phone settings. Wireless and GPS signals. 

Your phone uses radio waves to connect to WiFi and wireless Bluetooth gadgets and communicate with the closest phone towers over cellular network for GPS location. 

Even if you’re not using a map app, other apps may have location services running in the background. Location services icon (an arrow) in the top banner of your phone lets you know whether it’s on. You can save juice by turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS for a while.

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