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How to make money using your phone

Many people have access to smartphones but they tend to just use it as a communication tool, majority of the smartphone holders haven't realized that they can make money using their phone and use them for their daily needs.

In this article I'll like to show you how you can make money from your phone and earn directly into your m-pesa or bank account.

1. Affiliate marketing

This is the main and easy way of earning cash directly to your phone, it entails joining a platform and paying a registration fee and then inviting your friends to join also, once they do so, you are paid a certain amount out of the fee they paid. For instance, you join a platform with 400ksh, then when you invite your friend you are paid 200ksh, when the person you had invited brings in another person you get 100ksh , isn't this wonderful? Just inviting your friends and earning!

2. Crypto currency exchange

This is the second opportunity on the line and it is very profitable and very easy to undertake.

Crypto currency is currently the biggest market in the world and it is not yet exploited by many people due to ignorance, however for people who are so inquisitive about business news, loses and gains like me, i had to venture into this business, identify it's merits and demerits then later assured my friends to join.

So dealing with the crypto is very easy because it entails buying certain types of crypto for example bitcoin, litecoin and etherium when the price is down and selling it when it is high. You may wonder how profitable this is, let me show you how, in 2010 the price of one bitcoin was under 2 USD but in 2017 the price has shot upto over 65,700 USD isn't it marvelous?

Also, others may wonder when to know whether the price are up or down , this is easy because the site where you use to trade(I'll recommend you a site on my next article) will show you when to buy and when to sell that's when the prices are high and when they are low.

Now that I have shown you how to make money using your phone, please like and follow my page for more.

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