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Did You Know The Meanings Behind These Emoji Faces You Use Daily?

WhatsApp, Facebook, and all the chat applications have their own emoji design displayed, so sometimes when we use them we technically don't know what they mean and end up expressing a feeling that was not intended on the chats with either our friends, family member and any other person.

The smiling face emoji actually means being merry and being satisfied and speechless. It also suggests being shy with a grin to a nice compliment or showing something great has happened.

Upside down emoji means that someone wants to be taken seriously with whoever he/she is talking to. Sometimes this emoji means being ambiguous, ironic, or joking and other times responding to a joke.

The emoji with a winking face means being mischievous, expressing humor, flirting with you, or has other ulterior motives you are unaware of. It also helps to liven up the message, weakening it in order not to be taken seriously.

Relieved face emoji means being okay, relaxed, thankful, free of worries, and at ease that something unpleasant is over without having causing any harm.

Emoji with the face stuck out tongue and closed one eye meaning that you have made a joke or want to flirt with the chat partner, therefore being totally carefree and you are in no attempt to be serious with your message.

Crazy Face emoji means being utterly funny, silly, crazy, and being freaked out but still enthused with joy cause maybe someone told you a hilarious joke.

The emoji with a raised eyebrow has been said to resemble The Rock also known as Dwayne Johnson showing a questioning look that expresses criticism, disapproval, and disbelief.

The face with the one glass on one eye also known as a monocle face means something is up or very suspicious. It's also a warning look.

A smirking face means that someone is up to no good, showing playfulness, and acts as an offensive look for flirting and sexual innuendo.

Emoji with symbols over the mouth means that the person is cursing. It expresses being very upset, a sudden outburst of fury, and being very frustrated.

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