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Common Things We Do That Cause Virus Attacks In Our Computers

If you have interacted with computers for some time I guess you know what viruses are. They can be a nuisance to the operation of your computer if not detected early. Where do these viruses come from? There are different sources from which your computer can get viruses. In this article we are going to look at some.

1. Lending your computer to other people all the time. When they have your computer you don't know what they do with it. They may use spoilt disks on it which introduces viruses to your computer.

2. Inserting hard disks you don't know their safety on your computer. Most disks are ruined and harbour viruses. Once you insert them on your computer, the viruses migrate onto it and manifest themselves.

3. Using pirated software on your computer. Microsoft is the most common and widely used software in many computers. To not incur the charges of installation, some prefer pirated softwares. These come with viruses which attack your computer.

4. Upgrading your software on the internet. This is the source of many computer viruses. The softwares have been contaminated and when you download them, they come with the viruses.

5. Computer viruses hide as online computer games. When you download games from the internet, the viruses find their way into your computer and attack. You end up worrying that you take care of your computer but it has viruses. Avoid downloading games on the internet.

Avoid doing these five things and your computer will never be attacked by viruses. Follow my page to get notifications when new articles have been published daily.

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