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Who Are The Amazon Web Worker Imposters

A group of people created a certain app by the name Amazon web worker, these group of people used the name Amazon so as to lure millions of Kenyans to join this app by the name Amazon web worker. The word Amazon being known all over the world, the Imposters so it as the best opportunity as the name Amazon was to attract millions of clients. The Kenyans who had joined had to grab 15 orders or even more according to their package of choice. Most Kenyans started recharging their accounts immediately as they had seen that this app was working, some had witnessed this from their friends who had joined the business early and they had withdrawn from the web. After most people became convinced that Amazon Web Worker is working and people are making cash, millions of Kenyans decided to recharge or deposit more money to the app so as to make a huge profit.

Those who joined the Amazon web worker recruited their friends, brothers, sisters, cousins and even their parents. After millions of Kenyans deposited heavily in the app, the Amazon Imposters realized that they had gotten what they wanted and what followed next is history. The Imposters have closed the app and now millions of Kenyans have been left wondering who these Imposters are, but all in all what has happened has happened and nothing can be done. But these Imposters need to be exposed soon.

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