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How to Create a Blog and Make More Than 3k in a day Using Your Phone or Laptop

Blogging is one of the online business that is making good money. Right now so many people have invested their time in blogging and it is sure enough that this business in well paying. Blogging involves creating your own website and creating contents. In this work you are your own manager and no one controls you. One may ask where do you get the money in blogging and who pays you? That is a very good question, each time you are using your browser, you will always need internet connectivity or wifi.You always these two from service providers so that you can be able to access the browser. This money you use to pay these data is used to pay bloggers. Secondly when you are browsing, you come across so many adverts, these companies that advertise their product in your blogger, pays you a certain amount of money. Google adverts is one of the companies that pays so well. To create a blog is just an easy process that will take just few hour. You will first need to register your blog name and then buy a domain. There are so many web hosting companies in Kenya and worldwide that are selling domains at a very cheap price.Once you have a domain, it is very easy to create an account, you can get a invitation link from friends or you can just create your own without being referred. The web hosting company that you buy your domain from, will always guide you and help you to create an account.

A blog makes good money, all that is needed is time because you will first need to create so many contents that will attract so many people in your website. The more the people that that visit your website, the more money that you make. If you manage to create about 100 articles which would take you a month depending with your hard work, you can apply for google adverts and start earning. Depending with your traffic, in a day you can earn more than 3,000.You are always paid end of month so you can get good money at the end of month

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