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How You Are Killing Your Smartphone

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Nothing annoys like getting your phone to flip through some interesting chats on WhatsApp or to log in to Instagram only to realize that you have 5 percent left on your battery. Though no person likes to be caught with their battery running low, having the phone constantly fully charged could damage it eventually. USA Today reports that according to Apple, having your device juiced overnight for long duration can have it damaged. 

Maintaining your phone’s battery to always be full can damage it

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It is known to many people that most of the smartphones’ batteries are made of lithium-ion and that is why it is always maintained above 80 percent. However, Apple notes that constantly charging your phone can interfere with the battery’s life. If you constantly charge your phone then you will start to notice that something is wrong with the battery in a year’s time. Apple notes that how you treat your battery can ruin faster than anything else. When your device stays at full charge for extended hours, the battery is going to have a shorter lifespan. 

Apps can help but they are not the best

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Some mobile phone brands have their established solutions through apps and functions to ensure that you do not wreck your device’s battery. All phones operating with iOS 13 or later have a function called Optimized Battery Charging. The function checks how often you charge your device and starts to regulate the whole process when it gets to 80 percent. But experts warn that leaving your phone to charge the whole night could still spoil the phone. 

Having your battery get closer to zero percent is also discouraged

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Using your phone until it goes dead is discouraged as it is not a healthy practice for your lithium-ion battery. Leaving the battery to get closer to zero spoils the battery faster than expected. 

Occasionally topping up the battery can extend its life 

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Experts advise that you should just have your phone above the 50 percent mark if you want it to last longer than other phones do. Continually charging the phone to slightly above 50 percent can extend its lifespan up to 4 times than having it at 100 percent. 

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