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Most Common Passwords Which You Should Never Use as Your Mpesa Pin To Always Be Secure

Mpesa pass is very sensitive when it comes to transaction services. As a person you should always be keen when setting the mpesa password which you should be using all the times, in fact, it's always secure to change your mpesa pin repeatedly like twice in evert 3 months. Have you ever lost your phone and wondered what could happen to the amount of money incase the phone lands to a bad person? To avoid such doubts and for your safety, never put the following kinds of mpesa passwords.

It's always wise and secure not to use your year of birth as you mpesa pin, for example, if you were born in the year 1950, kindly don't use this as your mpesa pin. Look for a strong password which sounds more secure than the year you were born. When setting the mpesa password, please don't always then numbers as they follow each other on your ID card, it's good even not to use any of the numbers on your ID card to maintain proper security on your mpesa pin.

Another easy password which some people prefer as mpesa password is the numerical number 1234, please if you want your mpesa pin to be secure, resist in using this kind of mpesa passwords. Most con men always when they wrongfully find other people sim cards they use this simple to check whether they can access the mpesa accounts. Another common password which individuals use as their mpesa pin is 0000 which is never secure if your phone gets lost. Kindly Never set this kind of password as your mpesa pin.

Thank you.

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