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How To Tell If Your Laptop Has Been Hacked

These things not only happen in movies but also in real life. You need to care about your laptop's safety. This can only be achieved if you know the signs that a laptop which has been hacked will show. It is also important for your well being since bad people can track your location by hacking your laptop.

Here are some of the signs that your laptop has been hacked;

1.You will notice random pop-ups on your screen.

This is one of the annoying signs that your laptop has been hacked. Some pop-ups are normal but if they're frequent especially when you are browsing, someone is controlling your device.

2.Your important files are missing.

This cannot be possible if you are the only one using your laptop. If you notice that most of you important files are no longer available, then someone has hacked your laptop. They are monitoring your activities without your consent.

3.Changes in your laptop's password.

This is a clear sign that your laptop is hacked. If you log in into your laptop but your password is not working, someone has changed your password and they now have full control of your device. Your password cannot change itself if you are the only one using the device.


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