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Safaricom is offering a reward when you download this app

Every brand has its own way to defeat the competitor that why you find a brand like safaricom coming up with several offers and promotion. A good competitor ensures that it brings up a new thing to their service or goods so that consumer can't migrate to other brands.

It's simple to get this safaricom reward just by downloading this app in the following steps:

1) login to playstore.

2) Download Safaricom mpesa.

3) sign up and login.

4) expect your reward, reward varies from ksh100 to ksh500.

The benefit of this app is that:

1) help someone to tract all his transactions, am sure we are used to check Mini statement whereby this would show transactions of one week or two weeks. But with this app shows all mpesa transactions of six months to one year thus helping someone track his own money usage.

I should recommend each safaricom user to have this app. Am not promoting the brand but me personally i have benefitted from this app. It does not only help in tracking your transaction but still helps in making quick payment, withdrawing, fuliza , buying airtime and bills payment and many more.

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