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Why You Are Paying More For Electricity and How to Lower It

In today's world, 95% of households uses electricty. It's becoming a necessity because we use it to do so many things like lighting up our homes, cooking, entertainment through the use of electronics, charging both cars and phone devices and many more. Many people are turning to the use of solar because of it being much more cheaper. Many electricity consumers are also tired of big monthly bills. In this article, i have come up with the best ways to help you lower your bill.

1.Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Energy saving bulbs is one of the best option you can use. They use less power and can greatly reduce your power consumption.

2. Do not leave your fridge open all the time- leaving the fridge open or opening it all the time increases your power consumption.

3. Do not leave your phone devices to charge overnight- This not only wastes your power but also damages your phone battery.

4. Switch to other methods of cooking like the use of gas instead of electric coil to cook your meals.

5. Switch off your electronics when no one is using them.

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Energy Saving Bulbs


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