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Reactions As Guy Escaping Police Barricade Drives On Top Of Two Buses To Safety.

A clip doing rounds since this morning is creating a buzz online, a driver escaping from a set up police barricade in front of him takes a risk right turn that should have had him crushing were it not the bus going into the tunnel and right after that another one immediately comes out and viola the guy is on the other side of the street.

Here is a screen shot of the driver in action just after using the first bus and the second that saw his stunt through just coming out from the underground tunnel.

Image courtesy Instagram.

The video seen on a local blog site's Instagram feed has elicited mixed reactions Kenyans comparing the scene to scenes from games such as GTA and Need for Speed. She the reactions.

Tom, "What is going on"

Martin, "When God says no weapon..."

Edu, "imagine you are the cops who set up the barricade and now have to explain how he escaped."

Fletty, "GTA in real life."

Dan, "Too many years of GTA"Phil, "black panther two in the making."

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