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Types Of Phones That Are Manufactured By Chinese Kids (PHOTOS)

Currently, nearly everybody has a smartphone which implies that, the product is in high demand considering the fact that a handful number of countries does the production. However, according to investigations carried out, children greatly play a key role in the smartphone manufacture. To begin with, most of raw materials used to make these smartphone especially in factories based in China are mined in African countries such as DRC.

In the mines, children are alleged to be used in the extraction of the materials such as copper and aluminum. Children are preferred in the mines since they are very obedient and are cheap labour.

In addition to that, according to investigations carried out by Cash investigation, Huawei and Wiko factories based in China have more than half employees which are children under 16 years. They work for about 13 hours in a day and earn around 160€ per month. What amazing! Also Sumsung and iPhone have also been found to use children workers in their factories. Below is a picture of Chinese kids in mobile phone's factories factories.

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